Wednesday, October 7, 2009

autumn's allready here!!

Raphael was born march 7th. I haven't had much time to blog since then, but all I can say is that I am still very disappointed with Riviere du Loup's hospital, as I was with Mateo's birth. As my mom says:"at least the baby is here and healthy" Yes!! Indeed : ~~

I received a great job offer this month, it really fell out of the sky! Am flying to Val D'Or in two weeks to translate at workshops for native youth and native elders about suicide prevention. Have volunteered a lot for translation in native events and this is the first time that it's turning into a job!

For my jewlery, I haven't had much time to create since Raphael was born and since Mateo isn't in daycare anymore. I have been making a few freeform rings because next month am exposing from november 12th-15th at the artisan show here in Temiscouata. I have a few freeform bracelets and with rings that'll be good for this show.

I was also asked to make Gluehwein for the christmas market in Riviere du Loup. This spicy warm wine is traditional to German xmas markets. Here's a nice link to what it is and how to make it: The organization at the xmas show here told me they've been looking for someone to make this wine at their market. So, I asked my fellow East-German friend Anja in Rimouski to help me sell this wine. Can't wait to post pics.

I'm also djing for a halloween party on october 30th in Quebec City. Am really looking forward to take out my halloween music!! It's been 3 years now that I haven't played for halloween~~