Thursday, November 19, 2009


My boyfriend and I are starting to make our wood creations and was searching the net the other night for eco-packaging...Found this great site from the U.S. that sells eco-packaging as well as biodegradable bubble wrap!! Here's the link :

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

autumn's allready here!!

Raphael was born march 7th. I haven't had much time to blog since then, but all I can say is that I am still very disappointed with Riviere du Loup's hospital, as I was with Mateo's birth. As my mom says:"at least the baby is here and healthy" Yes!! Indeed : ~~

I received a great job offer this month, it really fell out of the sky! Am flying to Val D'Or in two weeks to translate at workshops for native youth and native elders about suicide prevention. Have volunteered a lot for translation in native events and this is the first time that it's turning into a job!

For my jewlery, I haven't had much time to create since Raphael was born and since Mateo isn't in daycare anymore. I have been making a few freeform rings because next month am exposing from november 12th-15th at the artisan show here in Temiscouata. I have a few freeform bracelets and with rings that'll be good for this show.

I was also asked to make Gluehwein for the christmas market in Riviere du Loup. This spicy warm wine is traditional to German xmas markets. Here's a nice link to what it is and how to make it: The organization at the xmas show here told me they've been looking for someone to make this wine at their market. So, I asked my fellow East-German friend Anja in Rimouski to help me sell this wine. Can't wait to post pics.

I'm also djing for a halloween party on october 30th in Quebec City. Am really looking forward to take out my halloween music!! It's been 3 years now that I haven't played for halloween~~


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting Patiently

So, here I am waiting for my second son Raphael to be born...If the contractions don't start by saturday I'll have to provoke his birth. I just found out that the tendency to give birth after the due date runs on my dad's side of the family. Last year I gave birth to Mateo 2 weeks late. My aunty gave birth to her son 2 weeks late as well. On my mom's side they all give birth on the exact due date. I was freaked out by the idea that my doctor would provoke the birth last year(my tick) and I had called my doula (birth assistant) and asked her if there's anything I could do. She told me (and I hope this doesn't sound obscene to anyone) to stimulate my nipples. I did that, and 20 minutes later the contractions started. Pretty neat eh!!

Today I received my Interchill Records music order in the post and am listening to their latest release kaya project "...and so it goes".. So far it's beautiful, with many diverse world music backgrounds. I love listening to each interchill cd over and over again. Their music is so layered, that with every listen I'm discovering so many new elements each time. My friend Irina Mikhailova is singing on there as well, she has such a beautiful siren voice. I love Interchill, their music has been an inspiration for my bliss now for 10 years. This is their website:
and Irina's :
I love listening to their music anytime of the day, in any company and for sure whilst crafting. Their music really helps me fly on that magic carpet ride of creativity.

Now to a great day of cleaning my home!! Carpe diem y'all : )

Friday, February 27, 2009

First Blog Post

splash!! diving into my first post on Blogger ~

What a funny word, BLOG.. Haha, sounds like blob to me. Anyone know where this word comes from?

I'd like to start off this blog by posting a link to my great friend's blog who's inspired me to start my own blog. This blog is called Exuberant Pantaphobia. He hasn't been posting for a little while now because of too many projects. His livejournal (same thing as a blog?) is timeless though and makes for a great read anytime.

He and I co-produced a documentary video entitled "The Earth Changes" from 96-98. It is a video about climate change and what people are doing to alleviate climate change. The idea was to focus on all the positive change that is happening in the world. In 98 it won second prize at the EarthVision Environmental Film Festival in Santa Cruz, California. The film lasts about 1 1/2 hours, if you'd like to take the plunge and watch it, here's the link

I'm really interested in feedback. The style we used was scratch video, which consists of using many different sources to bring across our message. We traveled the world to interview people and also had videotapes sent to us. We also used footage from t.v. and other documentary videos. Because in Canada our film was recognized as an educational video, it was allowed for us to do this.
Here's an article that was written about the video at the time in a local newspaper.

We also were a vj (videojockey) team at that time in various local events. We gave workshops on scratch video as a tool for expressing yourself and were hired by local events to make scratch videos for them.
Wheww!! that was quite a blast to the past for me~~
Back to now..
I'm highly pregnant, my due date was 2 days ago..My first son was born 2 weeks late with provocation by myself. I guess they're comfortable in there ; ) I know my second baby is a boy as well and we've decided to name him Raphael. My first is named Mateo,he's 13 months now and here's a pic of him a couple of weeks ago:
Good night all!! xoxo