Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting Patiently

So, here I am waiting for my second son Raphael to be born...If the contractions don't start by saturday I'll have to provoke his birth. I just found out that the tendency to give birth after the due date runs on my dad's side of the family. Last year I gave birth to Mateo 2 weeks late. My aunty gave birth to her son 2 weeks late as well. On my mom's side they all give birth on the exact due date. I was freaked out by the idea that my doctor would provoke the birth last year(my tick) and I had called my doula (birth assistant) and asked her if there's anything I could do. She told me (and I hope this doesn't sound obscene to anyone) to stimulate my nipples. I did that, and 20 minutes later the contractions started. Pretty neat eh!!

Today I received my Interchill Records music order in the post and am listening to their latest release kaya project "...and so it goes".. So far it's beautiful, with many diverse world music backgrounds. I love listening to each interchill cd over and over again. Their music is so layered, that with every listen I'm discovering so many new elements each time. My friend Irina Mikhailova is singing on there as well, she has such a beautiful siren voice. I love Interchill, their music has been an inspiration for my bliss now for 10 years. This is their website:
and Irina's :
I love listening to their music anytime of the day, in any company and for sure whilst crafting. Their music really helps me fly on that magic carpet ride of creativity.

Now to a great day of cleaning my home!! Carpe diem y'all : )

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